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- wide sales and assembly network including delivery points 

- full waranty 10 years for full profiles

- more than 15 years experiences

- samples, focus and calculation for free

- sell and construction complete  sortiment

- delivery to 5 work days 

We are frontsuplier in Czech republic  WPC profiles - Wood Plastic Composit around Czech republic.

Wide sortiment qality full  WPC LAMBOWOOD profiles with profesional approach for unbeatable prices.

You can also choose other profiles and accessories intended for them :

Click to picture for opening complete catalog of products according to use. 

Color range of all offered profiles and products.

We are also a manufacturer and supplier of accessories for terraces, gardens and parks made of WPC profiles and pool roofing :

Don't know what to do? Don't be afraid to ask or contact us, we willc be happy to advise you.

Us motto : 

 ,,Our main target is you, 100% satisfied customer´´

Why WPC profiles of us?

     1 - practice with WPC profiles since 2008

     2 - representation front world producer

     3 - direct dealer to Czech Republic

     4 - all sortiment in storage

     5 - wholesale

     6 - complete assembly and consulting activity

     7 - profesional and individual access

     8 - custom production supporting metal construction for instalation WPC  

     9 - samples, focus and base 3D project for free

     10 - own import and training during importation

What do we have and and why order WPCfrom us?

Complete equippted assembly teams with attention to detail and quality of alone instalation WPC throughout Czech Republic.

Own storage with complete sortiment WPC profiles and accestories. 

Own car park for dealing material troughout Czech Republic for customer and assembly teams in short time.

At us didn't pay for expensive advertisment, but for 100% deal and asemmbly WPC materials.

What  to pay atteintion to when choosing?

1 - For all exterior is important to use full WPC profiles. Not only does it not need to be anchored to the substrate, but it also doesn't require inclining, unlike hollow profiles. At full WPC profiles isn't differential expansion of the top and bottom sides, preventing subsequent twisting and cracking.

2 -Connecting material- is an integral part of every terrace and fence. In our basic offer for terraces, we provide everything in stainless steel – connecting clips and screws in A4 stainless steel for use on both terraces and decks around pools with a saline water treatment. CAUTION regarding plastic clips, which do not have sufficient strength to secure floor profiles and do not ensure their longitudinal movement – floor profiles can then slide in the clips. On the other hand, a plastic clip prevents the boards from expanding in width!! Over time, this can lead to gradual bulging of the floor profile upwards and may result in longitudinal cracks.

3- Long life over 25 years without maintenance.

4- Profile was be surface brushed - of begin will have ist patina after full flat.

5- Attention to the composition of the material - ideal combination is 50-60% wood powder and remainder 40-50% polymer, ideal HDPE. If is in composition  more wood powder, threatens swelling of the mix, which causes deformation profile. In the picture you can se hollow profile with combination 75% wood -25% polymer HDPE after three years. 

This is bad !!!
This is bad !!!

6- Verified producer with production facilities. Us producer disponing almost 60 production line's with regular checking production process. 

7- The seller should have its own assemblers who are familiar with the material and know how to install it correctly. Thanks to this, we maintain constant control over the high quality of the offered profiles. Complete assembly tools and accessories during installation must be a matter of course.

8- Assortment that is interconnected with individual sections. Do you want terraces, fence, bench or facades in one design? It is a matter of course for us. 

9- We have extensive experience in the installation of all profiles offered by us from the producer Zhejiang Kejie New Material.

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